Hey, I'm Hannah. I like to take photos and eat food. I also like to take photos of the food that I and others eat. 'Fress' is a Yiddish word that essentially means 'eating a lot'. A synonym of sorts is gluttony, but I don't like the negative connotations that has. Food, like life, is to be enjoyed. Food also deserve to be presented beautifully and in a way that showcases the beauty that food has in both cooked and in its raw state. My love of food and styling let me invent the word 'fresstyler' because it describes my approach to food perfectly. 

A little bit about me: Originally, I wanted to be a lawyer. Then I wanted to be a nurse. Then I wanted to be a political strategist and analyst. All the while, I was drawn to the creative. From drawing pictures and painting to sewing and cooking, I always leaned towards making things. One day I went to a friend's family reunion and his uncle handed me the camera and let me run wild. I was hooked. I could not stop taking photos. I could not stop reading about taking photos. I shout pictures of friends, I went to classes, I did an unpaid internship and all the while I worked in the publishing industry in Sydney. After a while, I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue my dream of being a professional photographer and I haven't looked back. I shot a lot of weddings, a lot of portraits as well as doing lots of event and lifestyle work in the Harbour City. 

My interest in food photography was piqued on a round the world trip in 2011. After arriving home, I did some assisting and interning on food shoots for some major editorial bodies in addition to continuing to apply my skills to food on commercial event shoots.

moved to Northern California in November of 2012 with my husband. We've settled in beautifully and adopted a bossy little poodle girl named Billy and a desire to blog about my experiences in food photography, cooking and styling led me to launch Fresstyler in June of 2013. I hope that you enjoy it!